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Writing a (somewhat) academic blog is admittedly premature for a first-year fresher, I guess. But again, it’s not about wisdom sharing but rather just to post some cynical reflections on what I’ve learnt. Plus, the ethical guideline isn’t setting any bar for trashposting.

On the other hand, I do look forward to taking what the psychology disciplines have offered and combining them with the philosophy of human-computer interaction. That’s what I’ve signed up for, after all.

Speaking of which, the whole idea of how cognitive science can enhance daily UED seems questionable to many:

Does understanding visual perception from fovea to medial superior temporal cortex really enable a designer to outdo his/her peers?

And even when it does reward you with advantages such as understanding the role of reinforcer in user behaviours,

Will it be worth for someone to go through the extensive contents in neuropsychology and behavioural science just to be slightly or infrequently more competitive?

Given that most of the skills in UED can simply be acquired through few online courses or even, as for me, self-teaching.

All that schemas in one swipe

The question here has been reduced to ‘to what price are you and your employer willing to pay for a well-structured mindset in designing?‘. I have made my call by rolling into the uni, and one day, I will get back to this question to tell if that’s a regrettable one. Until then, let’s just be optimistic like a happy, carefree hedgehog.


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